Thursday, October 26, 2017

Totally unacceptable behavior by Grandma's elegant Collie

A not-so-rough Collie who isn't the subject of this anecdote
My grandmother had a beautiful female Collie who I think could have bested Lassie in any dog show run by right-thinking judges, although "Lassie" was actally a laddie named Pal, making the dog TV's first transgender star.
     (Male dogs shed less in the summer than do females and look better on camera.)
     Anyway, every visitor to my grandmother's living room wanted to pet her striking dog and would call out to her. After a suitable delay, she would usually oblige and glide over to accept her tribute.
     But 30 to 60 seconds of stroking and patting would inevitably affect her stomach, causing her to look up at her admirer of the moment with what was assumed to be a beauteous dog gaze of gratitude and affection.
     It was nothing of the sort. She was simply (spoiler) straightening her esophagus.
     This was the moment at which I would start to giggle and grandma would bite her lower lip because we knew what was about to befall the guest: the reception of a loud belch.
     Alas, this was before digicams and viral videos, or YouTube would be sending AKSARBENT regular if measly checks.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Scandal's Tony Goldwyn tells Access Hollywood about his casting couch rodeo

Tony Goldwyn in 1990 smash, Ghost
Tony Goldwyn, a current star of ABC's Scandal, and the hot bad guy in Ghost, told Access Hollywood that a dude tried to wrangle him in a casting couch rodeo during his last year of acting school.
     Goldwyn's grandfather was the legendary Hollywood mogul Sam Goldwyn, the "G" in MGM.
     Below is New York Times film critic A. Scott Berg's description of Sam Goldwyn, from the author's 1989 biography:
     Goldwyn's short-lived marriage to Blanche Lasky, which would yield a shamefully neglected child named Ruth, ended acrimoniously in 1915, and Goldwyn, who had many affairs throughout his long life, became known as a ''chaser.'' A producer with a casting couch. The model for Ivor Llewellyn in P. G. Wodehouse's ''Luck of the Bodkins'' and Tepperman in Norman Mailer's ''Deer Park'' - two cases of bruised writers who had worked for Goldwyn getting their own back.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Desperate Cheeto:
Randy Rainbow repurposes Despacito

Despacito was the hit of the summer (4.2 BILLION views on Youtube.) Here, Randy borrows it for a wildly clever diss of Donald.

Bonus: a local Trump rip you probably haven't seen if you don't live in Omaha or Lincoln.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Will & Grace's gay conversion camp kissoff was a potshot aimed at Mike Pence; guest star: Omaha's Andrew Rannells

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Thursday's Will & Grace, which slammed so-called conversion therapy camps run by right-wing Christian sects, slyly dissed homophobic VP Mike Pence and while doing so, snagged more viewers than any other scripted show of the week.
     Said Variety:
     Will & Grace was steady in its fourth week, ranking as the top-rated and most-watched scripted show of Thursday night according to Nielsen overnight data.
     Airing at 9 p.m. on NBC, “Will & Grace” averaged a 1.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 6.5 million total viewers.
     Glee coach Jane Lynch and Omaha's Andrew Rannells (who originated the role of Elder Price in Broadway's Book of Mormon) appeared as recently-married, allegedly straight counselors at Camp Straighten Arrow, where Rannell's character was challenged by interloper Will to a contest against his (nonexistent) Camp KickAMo. Both Lynch and Rannells are gay in life.

     The germ of the episode was planted by VP Mike Pence's support of discredited, ineffective and cruel conversion therapy programs which have been outlawed in several jurisdictions when minors are targeted. Via The Wrap:
     Series co-creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan told TheWrap that their decision to introduce Skip — whose father is Jack’s son Elliot (Michael Angarano) — came about following Trump’s 2016 election win and in light of Pence’s link to so-called “gay-conversion therapy.”
      “It must have come from our interest in wanting to do an episode on conversion therapy because we were already into the presidency of the game show host that’s in the White House,” Mutchnick said. “We knew it was something that was on the minds of a lot of people because the vice president was a person that believed in the barbaric practice of conversion therapy. We don’t recognize it as a form of therapy — we only recognize it as a form of torture.”

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Maybe Jane Raybould should give that blogger who trolls Russia's most homophobic grocery chain one of B&R's old signs

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Attn: fruits -- a vintage B&R slur of LGBTs,
from its Lincoln store at 17th & Washington.
Democrat Jane Raybould is running against the execrable US Senate incumbent Deb Fischer (R-MitchMcConnell), who never met a homophobic Trump nominee she wouldn't rubber stamp.
     Raybould's campaign kickoff was at her family's Lincoln store that viciously mocked LGBTs with gratuitously nasty signage during Anita Bryant's Jihad against them.
     As far as we know, Raybould has never acknowledged or apologized for her family business's disgusting behavior.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Dutch mock America's 'NRAA' gun problem: Hi. I'm Mike. I haven't shot anyone in 6 years and 41 days

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And here's Nebraska's very own NRA gun moll, Senator Deb Fischer:

60 minutes: How Facebook's GOP employees showed Trump campaign how to snag rural votes

Last night's Lesley Stahl 60 Minutes interview with Kansan Brad Parscale was stunning. Any Democratic operative who didn't watch this on CBS or doesn't on the internet isn't doing their job.
     Facebook had GOP employees inside the Trump campaign showing it how to microtarget voters using Facebook's excruciatingly detailed dossiers on its users, right down to what color donate buttons should be for each user.
     Parscale claims Facebook offered Hillary Clinton the same help with its Democratic employees but Clinton turned them down. CBS verified Parscale's assertion with people from the Clinton campaign, who confirmed it.
Lesley Stahl: One of the best things Facebook did for you, I heard, was penetrate the rural vote. Is that correct?
Brad Parscale: Yeah. So Facebook now lets you get to places and places possibly that you would never go with TV ads. Now, I can find, you know, 15 people in the Florida Panhandle that I would never buy a TV commercial for. And, we took opportunities that I think the other side didn't.
Lesley Stahl: Like what?
Brad Parscale: Well, we had our-- their staff embedded inside our offices.
Lesley Stahl: What?
Brad Parscale: Yeah, Facebook employees would show up for work every day in our offices.
Lesley Stahl: Whoa, wait a minute. Facebook employees showed up at the Trump headquarters—
Brad Parscale: Google employees, and Twitter employees.
Lesley Stahl: They were embedded in your campaign?
Brad Parscale: I mean, like, they were there multiple days a week, three, four days a week, two days week, five days a week—
Lesley Stahl: What were they doing inside? I mean—
Brad Parscale: Helping teach us how to use their platform... Lesley Stahl: How do you know they weren't Trojan Horses?
...Brad Parscale: They already have groups of people in their political divisions that are Republican and Democrat.
...Lesley Stahl: Did Hillary's campaign have someone embedded—
Brad Parscale: I had heard that they didn't accept any of their offers.
People in the Clinton campaign confirmed that the offer was made and turned down.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The NRA death cult's Nebraska gun moll

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The video may take a few seconds to load. More details in AKSARBENT's previous post...