Monday, November 29, 2010

The Real Phillip Morris and Steven Russell; How Jim Carrey Figured Out The Character

Steven Russell (top) and Phillip Morris
(Photo: George Hixson)

Update: Pink News interviews Steven Russell in a Texas prison.
The New York Times reports on the making of "I Love You Phillip Morris:"
While preparing for the role, Carrey said he spoke to gay friends, read the writings of the activist Larry Kramer and watched “safe-sex instructional videos.” But he added that the central question remained, as it does with most of his parts: “What lie does the person believe about themselves? Even if it’s an absurd character, there’s a belief system.”

In Mr. Russell’s case Mr. Carrey attributed his behavior to “a severe case of abandonment.” (In the film Steven learns at a young age that he was adopted, and as an adult he’s rebuffed by his birth mother.) “That forms a grandiose personality,” Mr. Carrey said, “a need to constantly prove yourself.”


  1. I just saw the movie and I can not believe this is a true story, Oh my god this man is amazing. he just couldn't stop conning. I love you phillp moris indeed.

  2. my goodness this man was so crazy
    but you amaze me for what you've done
    for your one and only philip

  3. amazing story :)
    Steven Russell sure has an egregious mind

  4. GREAT movie. GREAT story.

  5. I think he is going to get out

  6. How could he possibly receive such a hard sentence for what he did? I mean really, Texas??? People have been sentenced for 4 years & less for murder charges in Texas. This is obviously a situation where Russell truly offended/insulted Texas which is (perhaps) the real reason for such a harsh sentence . . . Russell, is not a murderer and while [yes] he should serve time to pay for his crimes, it should not involve the [personal feelings] of the Texas judicial circuit courts.

  7. Just finished watching this movie, and after it ended I paced my room, cried the hardest I've cried in a long time, and kept talking to myself about how the best people have the worst luck. I'm a 14 year-old closeted bisexual girl, and I'm deathly afraid of coming out. But after watching this movie, I realized that once you love someone THIS much, you can't give up. Their story makes me so upset, thinking how they'll never get to be together(even though they most definetly SHOULD!) The thing that makes me the saddest, though, is that Steven is most likely going to die alone. I'm not afraid of dying, I'm just afraid there's not going to be anyone with me when it happens.

    1. Don't feel that way! You are young and soon you will find out you have the strength within you to do anything!!

  8. To the girl who posted on July 25th: It gets better. Be careful who you reveal your true self to in Junior High or High school, as people can be exceedingly cruel when it comes to anyone who is special, talented or different during their teenage years. Don't sweat who you will end up with - you fall in love with who you fall in love with. Just stay true to the core of who you are and stay confident in that. Don't let anyone or any religion convince you there is anything wrong with you. You are perfect, just as you are. :) I am a 35 year old bisexual girl who has been there. It gets better. I promise.

  9. that is One TRUE LOVE... but why life imprisonment? Just isn't fair. All he did was for love... GAY what not, we are just human... he does not killed, he JUST LOVED...

  10. all the way he gone through this to live happily with him, nothing else...
    Wow this is real love,can't belieive it...

  11. Watched the movie! What an amazing man, all in the name of love! The world needs more people like steven russell who love so deeply! Maybe without the crime though!

  12. Loved it. I hope someday someone loves me that much. LoL

  13. Lol, I can see why ppl want to say he did it all for love but he did not. All that $ wasn't necessary and you don't lie and endanger those you profess to love. He maybe loved in his way but they would still be together maybe if Stephen wasn't a thieving lying criminal with major superiority/inferiority complex. I hope we all find someone ho loves us BETTER than this.
    In my own weird way, I love you all. Bye now.-Joshua

  14. A sad but beautiful love story about true love

  15. He definitely does not deserve life. That’s ridiculous. Murders get less. I see he gets a chance at parole at the end of 2020
    I really hope he gets out,he’s been in there for a long time now
    he’s paid more than His debt to society for the crimes he has committed.

  16. Es una gran historia real
    Lo que no me convence es que los politicos se dedican a robar toda su vida por generaciones y jamas van presos y si hubiese un caso solo seria unos pocos años y en una carcel especial con todos los privilegios. Hasta un asesino le dan menos años y hasta postula a beneficios. un chiste este mundo

  17. Hello AnonymousJune 25, 2012 at 1:50 AM!

    This is the girl who posted back in 2012. I am writing you from the future, 2021, it’s been nine years since you saw the movie.
    I wonder how you are doing, what do you think about these days, are you in love or did you get your heart broken. I hope you are happy and I hope you believe in yourself.