Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Douglas Co. GOP now promoting quack hydroxychloroquine video banned by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

     On its six o'clock news tonight, Omaha's KMTV reported that the Radical Republican nutballs who run the Douglas Co. GOP are now promoting on Twitter a "debate" about hydroxychloroquine, the discredited COVID-19 "treatment."
     The GOP send two tweets today, the first reading simply HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE!!! and the second containing a retweet of the video made by quack doctor Stella "deliverance from demon sperm" Immanuel.
     That video is now been banned on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
     Derek Oden, the wet-behind-the-ears, Don-Bacon-sticker-wearing Executive Director of the Douglas County Republican Party told reporter Jon Kipper:
"I’m just saying clearly studies have shown there’s something to look at there."
     Dr. Mark Rupp, chief of the division of infectious diseases at UNMC, had this to say about the bonkers video spread further on the Internet by Douglas County Republicans:
"I think this is unfortunately a disservice to the public, to patients, this is something that is very dangerous."
Watch KMTV's report here

Sunday, July 26, 2020

One degree of Don Bacon!

Left: Don Bacon; Right: Augusto Pinochet
You don't have to go through all that 6-degrees-with-Kevin rigamarole with this game—it's easy!
    The photo on the right is of Augusto Pinochet, pal to Henry Kissinger but not so much to the mothers of the thousands of Chileans he "disappeared" and the tens of thousands he had sadistically tortured.
    What does any of this have to do with Don Bacon, youse of little faith may well ask! Well, piglets... Don and Augusto have/had the same sugar daddy—BAE Systems!
    The British merchants of death secretly paid Pinochet (and Pinochet-linked groups) more than $1,000,000 through a front company in the British Virgin Islands as recently as 2014—even though Pinochet was arrested (in London!) in 1998 and died in 2006
    Bacon hasn't yet collected $1,000,000 from BAE's U.S. tentacle, but he is on the take for $8,000 so far—enough to pay for about 8 attack ads on KETV during its evening newscast. Every penny helps!
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