Sunday, March 31, 2013

The three Japanese guys Easter joke

(Evidently, hell is not the just desert for a life of evil, but a trap door slide to damnation after the wrong answer to a one-question pop quiz.)
Three Japanese men die in a horrible bus accident and go to the gates of heaven. St. Peter stops them at the gate, eyes them suspiciously and says "Boys, most Japanese practice Shinto or Buddhism. You're actually Christians?"
     The three indignantly protest that they were raised in Christian families and have practiced the religion their entire lives.
     St. Peter says: "Ok, I'm going to ask you one question. If you get the one question correct, you will get to go into heaven."
     Excited about not going to hell, the three Japanese men agree to the test.
     Calling over the first Japanese man, St. Peter says to him, "Okay, here is your question. It's easy. What is Easter?"
     The first Japanese man, replies, "Ahhh... Easter... Easter is American holiday. Fat man in red suit come down chimney, give toys to all boys and girls... everyone happy!"
     Looking annoyed, St. Peter pulls a lever opening a trap door and the first Japanese man falls down to Hell.
     Calling over the second Japanese man, who looks a bit nervous, having seen his friend dispatched to Hades. "Okay, I'll ask you the same thing. It's not hard, but your friend was an idiot. What is Easter?"
     Stroking his chin for a few seconds, he answers, "Easter is American holiday... family get together eat turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, everyone fat and happy."
     Shaking his head in disapproval, St. Peter pulls a lever opening a trap door and the second Japanese man falls to hell.
     St. Peter then calls the third Japanese man over, who is cowering in fear. "Relax. Just answer this ONE simple question, and you can get into Heaven. What is Easter?"
     Hearing the question, the third Japanese gets a huge, confident smile on his face, and replies, "Ahh... Easter celebrate Jesus Christ die on cross."
     "Yes... go on." says St. Peter.
     "They take him down from cross, and put Jesus in big cave.... cover cave with big rock."
     "That's right... go on!" Says St. Peter, excitedly.
     "Jesus there for three days"
     "Go on!"
     "After three days, Jesus stand up, move big rock to the side, come out, and look for shadow. If he see shadow, then 6 more weeks winter!"

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