How to boycott Blue Bunny

Wells Blue Bunny owners sponsored Iowa Family Leader and its vicious anti-gay propaganda, soaked Iowa taxpayers, and engaged in criminal school milk price fixing in three states 

Wells Dairy makes items for ConAgra, Pillsbury's Haagen-Dazs line, General Mills, Weight Watchers, and Walt Disney Company.
     The dairy's products include Mickey Mouse bars, Mississippi Mud, Health Smart, The Champ, Bomb Pops, Pink Panther, and Cyberbyte. Store brands made by Wells Dairy include Great Value (Walmart), Hy-Vee, Fareway (reputedly owned by the wealthy Mormon Beckwith family which donates generously to antigay politicians like Sam Brownback), Shurfresh and Country Rich.
     Wells' products are carried by facilities management services company Sodexo. A poster on the Boycott Blue Bunny facebook page recommends writing to Sodexo and urging them to drop Wells products.
     Ben and Jerry's and Anderson-Erickson (of Des Moines) are good choices for Iowans boycotting Wells Dairy.
     Hy-Vee, which carries Blue Bunny products under the Wells brand and under its own Hy-Vee brand, has suggestion boxes in its stores. Consider printing out the facebook Boycott Blue Bunny page or this one and dropping either into the store's suggestion box.
     If you have another good (and legal) means by which Wells Enterprises can be paid back for the anti-gay activities of its owners, by all means add your suggestion as a comment to this page.