Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Scandal's Tony Goldwyn tells Access Hollywood about his casting couch rodeo

Tony Goldwyn in 1990 smash, Ghost
Tony Goldwyn, a current star of ABC's Scandal, and the hot bad guy in Ghost, told Access Hollywood that a dude tried to wrangle him in a casting couch rodeo during his last year of acting school.
     Goldwyn's grandfather was the legendary Hollywood mogul Sam Goldwyn, the "G" in MGM.
     Below is New York Times film critic A. Scott Berg's description of Sam Goldwyn, from the author's 1989 biography:
     Goldwyn's short-lived marriage to Blanche Lasky, which would yield a shamefully neglected child named Ruth, ended acrimoniously in 1915, and Goldwyn, who had many affairs throughout his long life, became known as a ''chaser.'' A producer with a casting couch. The model for Ivor Llewellyn in P. G. Wodehouse's ''Luck of the Bodkins'' and Tepperman in Norman Mailer's ''Deer Park'' - two cases of bruised writers who had worked for Goldwyn getting their own back.

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