Saturday, November 2, 2013

NE DOMA hearing: atheist Sen. Chambers' half-hour pro-gay rant: drops gay f-bomb, calls state backward, rips fellow senator for possibly outing rural neighbor; impatient hetero supremacists revolt

Also: video of rally organized by Omaha drag queens following
assault of straight friend at Old Market Pepperjax restaurant

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Caught in a four-way crossfire between Sen. Chambers vs. Sen. Christensen, and Sen. Ashford vs. angry heterosexual supremacists tired of waiting to testify, was one Brian* something-or-other, a polite, cute and, at times, vaguely alarmed tax attorney who will probably think twice before ever again agreeing to testify before the Nebraska Unicameral.
     Sen. Chambers:
If there's any lawyers out there, and any couple, we should get together and collaborate and try to force Nebraska to at least have the appearance of being civilized; a society that has evolved beyond the dark ages, the middle ages and the period of the inquisition and the burning of so-called witches.
*Actually, it was P. Brian Bartels of Omaha's FraserStryker, an attorney specializing in employee benefits, and the coauthor, with Daniel J Wintz, of  Considerations for Employee Benefit Plans and Human Resource Practices Following United States v. Windsor, The Nebraska Lawyer, Sept./Oct. 2013.

Disclaimer: subtitles may not exactly reflect thoughts of subjects in video below


3:30 Mail-order minister and self-declared atheist Chambers trolls for lawyers to help him find a gay couple to marry so he can sue Nebraska for not granting a marriage license

3:44 Calls Nebraska backward, among other things

4:38 Recounts his lawsuit to get chaplain out of legislature

7:18 Sen. Christensen takes to the bait, expounds on "homersexuals"

10:26 Chambers talks about Thomas Jefferson and statutory rape, notes that like Washington, Jefferson and Patrick Henry, he also likes black women. (Chambers is black.)

13:22 Chambers drops the gay F-bomb

16:14 Chambers gets the tax employee benefits attorney to crack a smile by characterizing Catholic Church's indulgence of Michelangelo's same sex tendencies by claiming their position was "We got a little sugar in our britches sometimes also; we understand things like that."

17:37 Sen. Christensen gets some payback from Chambers, who never forgets anything, over a stray comment he made at a previous hearing about a gay neighbor

22:20 Impatient heterosexual supremacists revolt, fearing that they won't get to testify by the 2 pm cutoff of the five-hour hearing, as there is no end in sight to Chambers' monologue; Judiciary Committee Chairman Brad Ashford quells the insurrection

Tomorrow Later this week, AKSARBENT will have some video of the anti-gay rights contingent.

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