Thursday, September 26, 2013

U.S. boycott of Barilla pasta, following antigay insults of Guido Barilla, could affect Ames, IA

Guido Barilla (projection). Photo: Jamais Cascio, Flickr
Italian LGBT groups are calling for a boycott of the company, which has about 25% of the U.S. pasta market, worth $457 million in sales in 2011.
      Here is the Huffington Post's translation of what he told an Italian radio host:
BARILLA: For us, the ‘sacral family’ remains one of the company’s core values. Our family is a traditional family. If gays like our pasta and our advertisings, they will eat our pasta; if they don’t like that, they will eat someone else’s pasta. You can’t always please everyone not to displease anyone. I would not do a commercial with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect toward homosexuals – who have the right to do whatever they want without disturbing others – but because I don’t agree with them, and I think we want to talk to traditional families. The women are crucial in this.
Barilla factory, Ames, IA.
The company has another in Avon, NY.
I respect same-sex marriage because that concerns people who want to contract marriage, but I absolutely don’t respect adoptions in gay families, because that concerns a person who is not the people who decide.”
     After the interview, Barilla tweeted an apology but didn't take back anything.
(Via ThinkProgress)

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