Saturday, November 2, 2013

Video: Omaha drag queens stage 'Drag Out Hate' rally after assault on straight man, Ryan Langenegger, when he stood up for his gay friends

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Also: Remarkable 1/2-hour progay rant by Sen. Ernie Chambers in Judiciary Committee Friday,
in which he ripped a fellow senator for possibly outing a rural neighbor and dropped the gay F-bomb. 

Above: pushback to assault on Ryan Langenegger
organized  by "Anna Roxia"
Langenegger wasn't at the rally, but a statement (see video) from him was read to the crowd.
     Some people maintain Nebraskans won't attend a gay rights rally.  Smart drag queens know better.
     You just have to find a place outdoors with a big screen TV showing the Husker game.
     Fortunately, there is such a venue right across the street from the Pepperjax restaurant where Langenegger was sucker punched for standing up for his two gay friends last Saturday night. Score.

(After play begins, click the YouTube sprocket icon to maximize video resolution.)

From Crimestoppers. Hit the link below if you can help identify the 'phobes who harassed Langeneggers' friends and assaulted him. It could be worth 1,000 bucks to you.
Solve this Crime
10/27/2013 - Hate Crime RB#55053-I
On Wednesday 30 October 2013 at 1215 hours, Barbas, Connie C766 spoke to LANGENEGGER, Ryan in regards to an assault that occurred on Sunday 27 October 2013 0300 hours. LANGENEGGER stated that he and his friends were at Pepperjax Grill at 1221 Howard Street. LANGENEGGER stated that there were three males also inside the Restaurant and they started making comments about LANGENEGGER`S two friends, so he and his friends decided to leave to avoid any conflicts.

LANGENEGGER then stated he was assaulted outside the restaurant for defending his gay friends.  If you have any information about this assault, contact the Omaha Police Department or leave a tip with Omaha Crime Stoppers!


  1. queers, perverts & weirdo's - when will they finally get it?

  2. It's people like you that is what is wrong with the world anonymous. only empty people hate those that are living their truths. and It is incredibly stupid to say that anyone has less rights for being weird or homesexual (we get the hate but we are not going to accept it.. I think Drag is an art and it is fantastic. and beautiful.For the life of me I can't figure out why it wrong t be homosexual? some people are straight, some are gay, some are white, some are black, some have blue eyes, etc. we are not all the same people. that would be horrible if everyone was the same kinda lowlife as you and those that harm and hate.