Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sen. Mark Christensen, of Imperial Nebraska, bravely protecting the Cornhusker State from the menace of granting legal ties to gay families

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Nebraska State Senator Mark Christensen, of Imperial (Dist. 44), has already made known his hostility to LB485, legislation which would extend employment and public accommodations protection to gay Nebraskans — he told Alissa Skelton in an AP story that he won't support the bill and he "suspects" there will be a filibuster if it makes it to the floor.
     “We have protections for things people can’t change like race,” he said. “Sexuality is a choice.”
Photo: Nebraska Unicameral
     AKSARBENT could run down the reasons why sexual orientation is NOT, for overwhelming numbers of gay and straight people, a "choice," but in 2013, people like Christensen, who exemplify the static cling of baseless, anachronistic stupidity, appear to be beyond the redemption of even the common sense of asking any five heteros or homos whether they "chose" their sexual orientation.
     At last week's LB380 hearing to allow second parent adoption, Christensen and fellow traveler Colby Coash tag teamed each other in raising hypothetical scenarios in which they suggested that Sara Howard's bill to allow second partner adoptions in Nebraska (which mostly affects straight couples and is long overdue) might place kids in the care of unmarried partners who don't live together, which is totally ridiculous.
     At one point Sen. Coash stepped far enough off the metaphorical curb to ask (with a straight face) if he and Christensen could adopt a kid. Sen. Sara Howard diplomatically disabused him of that notion (he lives with his wife, not Sen. Christensen), although it probably wasn't a genuine concern in the first place.
     When Mark Christensen was asked if he had anything to add, he said he wasn't going to "go there," amid hearty laughter mostly from the troglodyte faction of the Judiciary Committee hearing room.
     While kids with two moms or two dads may be a big joke to Senators Colby Coash and Mark Christensen, the legal needs of those kids — and the couples raising them — are not funny to the Sara Howards of this world, who are trying to ensure that such families get the legal protection in Nebraska that they deserve.
Mark Christensen:  mchristensen@leg.ne.gov — 402-471-2805
Colby Coash:  ccoash@leg.ne.gov — 402-471-2632
     Below is an example of the kids and the situations that Coash and Christensen evidently don't give a damn about.


  1. We can do better. He can be better.

  2. Religion is a whole lot more of a choice than sexuality.