Friday, November 1, 2013

HRC testifies at Nebraska Senate hearing on impact of DOMA ruling on state's gay couples

Also: Sen. Ernie Chambers goes off on half-hour progay rant during hearing; drops gay f-bomb, rips fellow senator for possibly outing rural neighbor

HRC was the first to testify on the chaos caused by Nebraska's draconian constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage equality, civil unions and domestic partnerships, now that DOMA has been ruled unconstitutional at the federal level. The special hearing was called by Sen. Brad Ashford to "Examine the impact of the United States Supreme Court's ruling regarding the Defense of Marriage Act on the State of Nebraska."
     Later in the hearing, Sen. Ernie Chambers went on an EPIC rant in favor of gay marriage, dropping the gay f-bomb, trolling lawyers to help him find a gay couple he could marry and then sue the state for refusing to issue a marriage license. Chambers got a rise out of Sen. Christian, one of the two antigay state senators on the committee, the other being Colby Coash, who, like Clarence Thomas, rarely says anything. At one point a disruption occurred when a (presumably antigay) woman objected to the time Chambers was taking, wondering whether she'd be able to testify.
     AKSARBENT is preparing that video now. It will be up within 24 hours.

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