Sunday, April 17, 2016

You'd be nuts not to see 2016's biggest Oscar winner, Mad Max, Fury Road

So we rented Mad Max Fury Road to find how how it possibly could have managed to score 6 2016 Oscars, more than any other flick. Now we know, and may I say a) the Academy wasn't wrong and b) it's plainly evident that a lot of voters actually SAW Mad Max, a total audience smack-down.
     Not to insinuate it wasn't completely ridiculous, but then George Miller has never much cared about your petty rationality; he has Spielberg-burying chase flicks to make and his actors wear tortured logic on their tattered sleeves while they sneer at you.
     How lucky humanity is that Australia's craziest man (which is saying a lot, considering) only makes films.
     If your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't like this installment, then you have every right to question his or her masculinity and/or appreciation of witty, giddy nihilistic fun.
     The CinemaSins verdict: "This movie blew our minds. We loved it. It still has sins, dammit. And we're still duty-bound to list them for you."
     As for your snobby, snotty little cinemaphile friends, dear readers, just tell them you saw a foreign film and smile wordlessly if they press you for deets.

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