Thursday, February 13, 2014

LB485, LGBT antidiscrimination bill, stalls in NE Unicameral; here's who voted against it

Voting against LB485: (l-r) Colby Coash (402-471-2632), Mark Christensen (402-471-2805),
Les Seiler (402) 471-2712 and Al Davis (402-471-2628)
Advancing the bill required 5 of 8 Judiciary Committee votes. The vote was 4-3 against.
     Voting for the measure were Amanda McGill, Ernie Chambers, Brad Ashford and the bill's sponsor, Danielle Conrad.
     Against were Les Seiler of Hastings, Colby Coash of Lincoln, Al Davis of Hyannis and Mark Christensen of Imperial.
     Steve Lothrop, of Omaha, missed the vote.
     Lobbying against the bill were the Nebraska Family Alliance and Jim Cunningham of the Nebraska Catholic conference who, according to the Omaha World-Herald, said it would be “hard to tell” if religious groups would be exempt based on the wording of the amendment.
     The measure may come up again this session.

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