Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bait-and-Switch Republican, Colby Coash, to use hunting scofflaw Ted Nugent as fundraising bait to 'protect hunting in Nebraska' — but Nugent is barred from hunting in California, Alaska, Forest Service Properties and potentially 34 other states

Republican State Senator Colby Coash,
who apparently will do anything to
protect hunting in Nebraska —
except shield it from out-of-state
scofflaws like Ted Nugent. Coash
is running for Dist. 27 reelection
against Kyle Michaelis
The New York Times has just reported that right wing extremist Ted Nugent  has agreed to a $10,000 fine and two-year probation including a special condition that he not hunt or fish in Alaska or Forest Service properties for a year.

Nugent was just booted from a Ft. Knox performance after threatening President Obama, but is still scheduled to appear at a pricey Omaha fundraiser for state senator Colby Coash, who represents a district in... Lincoln.

Nugent's California deer hunting license is already under a nearly two-year revocation (up in June) after he pled no contest to misdemeanor charges of deer-baiting and not having a properly signed tag.

That license loss allows 34 other states belonging to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact to take action against Nugent too.

Nebraska is not a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator compact.

Since Colby Coash (whose largest campaign contributor in 2008 was Peter Ricketts of Omaha's TD Ameritrade family) is so interested in protecting hunting in Nebraska, AKSARBENT wonders why he hasn't urged the state to become an Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact member, in order to protect hunting and fishing resources in Nebraska from out-of-state scofflaws like Ted Nugent. Oh never mind. We suppose that question answers itself, n'est-ce pas?

Here is an explanation of the compact:
The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact is an agree­ment in which member states reciprocate regarding the suspension or revocation of licenses and permits resulting from violations concerning hunting, fishing and trapping laws. If a person's license or permit privileges which come under the scope of the Compact are suspended or revoked in one member state, they are subject to suspension or revocation in all member states. In addition to license and permit suspensions and revocations which result from a conviction for the illegal pursuit, possession or taking of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mollusks, shellfish and crustaceans, failing to appear in court or to otherwise answer a ticket or summons issued for such violations will also result in license or permit suspension. Compact member states also agree to recognize convictions for violations within the scope of the Compact which occur in all other member states and to apply them toward license and permit suspension and revocations in the state in which the person resides.

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