Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kansas City's International House of prayer cult pours millions into anti-gay Uganda Churches; former leader, still uncharged in suspicious death of wife, is 'placed on leave' from Lancaster, Texas high school

The video below accompanied a Mother Jones post, Foiled in the United States, Anti-Gay Evangelicals Spread Hate in Africa.
     Good for the Ford Foundation for sponsoring this film.
     (The Foundation is completely separate from Ford Motor Company, although Ford's policies toward gay stakeholders are exemplary. Too bad some of Ford's dealerships, like this one in Nebraska, support homophobic institutions.)

      Several months ago, the wife of a man active in IHOP, Bethany Deaton, was killed in a murder made to look like a suicide. The man accused claimed her husband, Tyler, ordered a hit on her.
     Mike Bickle, the head of IHOP, quickly disassociated himself and his cult from Tyler Deaton.

     Tyler Deaton, who has not yet been charged with any role in the killing of his wife, moved to Lancaster, Texas to teach math but after his students googled him and complained, the district placed him on leave. The Kansas City Star quoted a Texas parent who wants to know why the school district's background check didn't unearth Deaton's creepy past when students were easily able to.
     AKSARBENT has posted about this cult before, here and here.

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