Wednesday, January 23, 2013

International House of Prayer prominent among US evangelical groups fomenting terrorism against Uganda's LGBT citizens

Roger Ross Williams is a filmmaker based in New York. His film “Music by Prudence” won the 2010 Academy Award for documentary short subject. Gospel of Intolerance is part of a 3-part series made by independent filmmakers supported partly by the nonprofit Sundance Institute. Here is part of his introduction to his contribution to the New York Times Op-Doc series, which addresses the phenomenon of US evangelicals fueling anti-LGBT violence in Africa:
But as you’ll see in this Op-Doc video, some of their efforts and money feed a dangerous ideology that seeks to demonize L.G.B.T. people and intensifies religious rhetoric until it results in violence. It is important for American congregations to hold their churches accountable for what their money does in Africa.

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  1. IHOP 's got 2 chapters in Omaha that are called the Omaha Hub and the Heartland House of Prayer of Council Bluffs.

    Maybe it time for a protest for their support for IHOP 's agenda.

    btw, this dont surprise me. IHOP and it's leader Mike Bickle is a far-right 7 mountains dominionism group that seems to prey on teenagers and young adults.

    IHOP also promotes people like Rick Joyner and Patricia King and Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle and Kim Clement

    (all of whom btw are seen by both the left and right in the christian community) as false prophets.

  2. also, Lifegate Church of Omaha is heavily into IHOP stuff.

    maybe it's time for a boycott and protest at Lifegate Church (where oddly enough Republican Omaha City councilman Franklin Thompson and WOWT channel 6 's John Kniceley) is members at among others of influence in Omaha area.

  3. enzo:

    is commenting on this as well.