Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wayne Besen described creepy, trance-like midnight International House of Prayer meeting back in May, before Bethany Deaton's murder; 'Beware Grandview and Kansas City... It's time to wake up.'

Wayne Besen
Similarly, I warned in May that something was seriously amiss at Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Grandview, MO, an exurb of Kansas City. Part of my job is monitoring extremist organizations, which brought me to the IHOP’s worship center at midnight, a time I expected the cavernous hall to be practically empty. Instead, I found a far more disconcerting scene.
Here is what I wrote on May 4:
There was a gigantic 24/7 prayer room filled mostly with teenagers, many of whom appeared to be of high school or college age. A band played hypnotic Christian music while the audience of 100 or so youth engaged in a diverse set of worship rituals. Some were seated, as if they were in a traditional church setting. Others danced and skipped, like they were in some sort of fundie rave. One youth twirled a purple fan, as if he were at a gay circuit party. About a quarter of the participants walked in a trance-like state through the aisles muttering to themselves — a practice that I had not seen before. Some of these youths walked non-stop for over an hour, with no signs of stopping to rest.
     Beware Grandview and Kansas City. You have an aggressive, militant, angry, fundie cult growing under your nose. It’s time to wake up before you become the next Colorado Springs. Don’t be caught flat footed wondering, “How did this happen?” Consider this your first warning...
...With other radical cults now in the area, such as Lou Engle’s The Call and Andy Comisky’s Desert Stream, Grandview residents might want to take a fresh look at IHOP, before everyday seems like Halloween.


  1. IHOP in KC and it's leader Mike Bickle is a cult.

    is a video of the bizarre stuff/music that goes on at Mike Bickle 's group in KC.

  2. btw, storehouse movement of omaha nebraska (which has connections to Al Riskowski of the Nebraska Family Council)

    and the Omaha Hub at 10599 Burt Circle.

    and Heartland House of Prayer in Council Bluffs

    are heavily involved with IHOP and Bickle's cult.

    People in Omaha area should start doing some investigating and reporting on what is actually being taught/promoted at those 3 places

    and a few others like them in the Omaha area.

    was at Omaha HUB once at some of the same goofy stuff IHOP in KC promotes is promoted there too.

  3. Instead of just observing perhaps you should have sought to understand what people were doing. Those that were walking around "muttering" were praying. In the Bible you will read that David danced in praise of God.
    Angry, aggressive, militant? Did you see angry people? I have been to the IHOP in Kansas City and I saw people praying for the nations and etc. They also do alot of justice works - feeding the poor etc.
    I would consider you to be the angry militant aggressive one in labeling this movement as a cult and speaking about things you don't understand.

  4. The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. I Cor. 2:14