Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video: Postmortem on the worst election scandal in the USA in 2012 (so far)

ES&S: "...our business has grown to
serve four countries, 41 states
with more than 4,000 election offices
Except for the defeat of Prop 5, an LGBT anti-bias referendum, Anchorage Alaska's rigged, old-style-Chicago election last Spring has received scant attention outside the state. Questions abounded about what appeared to be deliberate disinformation about voting registration by the Alaska Family Council, shortages of ballots in liberal precincts and the conduct of the company which counted the votes, ES&S.
     Anchorage's disenfranchisement of voters was undoubtedly the biggest election scandal so far in 2012. Mel Green (below in the black hoodie) of the gay website covered the irregularities like an indefatigable pit bull, abetted by the efforts of Linda Kellen Biegel of
     Below is part three of their interview, televised recently on Alaska Commons.

Jim Minnery, of the Alaska Family Council
and of anti-LGBT group Protect Your Rights.
Minnery wrote an email blast/facebook
post telling people they could register and
vote on election day, even in precincts in
which they didn't live. Later he said he was
real sorry about that and blamed a city clerk's
office underling whom he couldn't name for
the bad info. What he didn't say was that
less than 45 days earlier, in another email
blast, he told voters to be sure to register
30 days in advance of the election (which
was true). Deceit may run in the Minnery
family — here's Jim's cousin Tom Minnery,
trying to fool Minnesota Senator Al Franken.
     Looking back, we discovered that AKSARBENT did several posts about this mess, including the Anchorage Election Commission's report recommending no independent investigation of rampant ballot shortages throughout city, the broken seals on voting machines, the election commissioner's claims of behing overwhelmed, despite the lowest turnout in the last 3 mayoral elections, 53 of 120 precinct locations running out of ballots, of frustrated voters giving up and going home without voting and of long-time poll workers quitting because of ES&S's demands for personal information (which gave the company an excuse to substitute their own workers and bill the city) and about apparent election tampering/fraud by the head of the Alaska Family Council, Jim Minnery.

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