Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fallout continues in wake of chaotic Anchorage elec­tion; Jim Minnery, antiLGBT group Protect Your Rights accused of election tampering and election fraud

Anchorage's Assembly Chair Debbie Ossiander wants a city attorney to investigate the fiasco. The ACLU wants an independent investigation. In the meantime Bent Alaska published a letter from Christina Logan accusing Jim Minnery of anti-LGBT group Protect Your Rights of election tampering and election fraud in the following excerpt:
While I don’t personally feel that the cost of an “election re-do” would change the outcome of the election, I do feel that it is imperative that every vote be counted, and questioned ballots be carefully verified before being either counted or discarded and that this process be monitored and verified by unbiased witnesses.
     The actions of Jim Minnery and the Alaska Family Council, through social media outlets, knowingly and fraudulently incited unregistered voters, and, by the Municipal Clerk’s Office own assessment, voters from outside the municipality of Anchorage to attempt to vote in the April 5 election. These actions quite possibly contributed to ballot shortages and disenfranchisement of legal registered voters.
     I demand that Jim Minnery and the Alaska Family Council be investigated by the Anchorage Assembly for election tampering and election fraud.
     I support the ACLU’s call for an outside investigator to be appointed by the Anchorage Assembly. I feel that Mayor Dan Sullivan and the city attorney have an extreme conflict of interest in investigating this election, as he was one of the candidates. The same is true for Assemblyman Paul Honeman, member of the Election and Ethics Committee.

(Bent Alaska added the following clarification to Logan's letter.)

While Minnery heads up the Alaska Family Council, he is also the chair of “Protect Your Rights — Vote NO on 5,” the group under whose auspices he actually sent out misinformation on April 3. Bent Alaska has seen no indication that Alaska Family Council as an organization participated in promulgating Minnery’s April 3 misinformation.

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