Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anchorage election scandal just got worse: broken seals on Diebold voting machines

Deputy Municipal Clerk Jacqueline Duke answers questions
at the April 13 Anchorage Assembly work session on April 3
election irregularities. Photo and story: The Mudflats.
Today, from Mel Green at Bent Alaska (see link below.):
Anchorage Deputy Municipal Clerk Jacqueline Duke has confirmed an election worker’s report that she instructed election workers not to worry about broken security seals on the Diebold AccuVote voting machines used in the April 3 Anchorage election, according to a story published this morning on The Brad Blog.
     Duke’s instruction directly contradicts instructions in the election handbook, and creates additional questions about the integrity of the election process.

     The Brad Blog is a national blog with a focus on election integrity. Its publisher and executive editor,
Brad Friedman, is an investigative journalist/blogger, political commentator, broadcaster, author, and Commonweal Institute Fellow. Friedman’s story this morning followed up on a story published on the Alaska blog The Mudflats, which, like Bent Alaska, has been closely scrutinizing the April 3 election irregularities.
Read much more of Mel Green's story here at Bent Alaska.

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