Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sports Illustrated not buying Bo Pelini's defense of assistant Ron Brown, either

Bo Pelini, seen here incognito, pays tribute to former NU
head coach Bob Devaney's post game relaxation rituals.
Why don’t you ask me why I hired him? I hired him because he’s a good football coach. He’s trustworthy. He has a lot of integrity. I hired him because I believe in him as a football coach and a guy who has positive impact on kids.
— NU Football
head coach Bo Pelini

Not all kids. Not even all kids at Nebraska.
— Holly Anderson,
Sports Illustrated

Yesterday, ESPN also took a skeptical look at Pelini's claim that no NU football players have complained about Ron Brown's locker room proselytizing, and the New York Times published a blog post about Ron Brown's attitude toward gay people, including NU students.

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