Saturday, April 28, 2012

ESPN skeptical of Bo Pelini claim that no Husker football player has complained about coach Brown's locker room proselytizing

ESPN today published a highly critical editorial questioning Ron Brown's and NU's commitment to treating all football players fairly at the very time that Running Backs Coach Brown is out trying to convince young football players that Nebraska has a university for which they'll want to play.
Brown has the absolute right to express his views. But at what point do those views bleed into the workplace? It's a small thing, but Brown's office voice message is proudly nonsecular. And Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini has said that Brown discusses religion with his players, but, according to the AP, no team member has complained.
     But what does that mean exactly? That the players want Brown to continue mixing religion with football, or that they're reluctant to say anything, in fear that it could affect their standing with a coach who controls their place on the depth chart?
     And what if there were a gay player on the Nebraska roster? Or what if one of the players Brown is trying to recruit this week is gay, or has a family member or friend who is gay?
     These are not unreasonable scenarios. Would you want to play for a coach who thinks God loves gays less than women or African-Americans? Would you want to play for a coach who preaches compassion and love, but is willing to turn his back on a fellow human being because of that person's sexual orientation?

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