Sunday, February 24, 2013

Charlie Janssen, Manchurian Candidate from Planet Koch, concerned about icky oil pollution — in Kuwait

Neb. State Sen. Charlie Janssen announces
bid for governor in YouTube video
The ocean around us had oil on the water and it was burning ... and the air was filled with a choking and poisonous soot...

Gosh Charlie, instead of denying to KMTV (even though Liz Dorland already had the goods on you) that you carried water for ALEC, the organization that the billionaire Koch Brothers founded to issue marching orders to state legislators, and instead of cosponsoring tinfoil hat legislation based on Glenn Beck's pandering paranoia peddling, why don't you support a real effort to protect landowners in Nebraska from the TransCanada eminent domain threat from a pipeline with welds so slipshod you can see daylight through it?

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