Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Defective Keystone XL welding: shocking evidence revealed in photo taken from inside pipeline

Below: take a good look at a section of the pipeline that Brad Stevens and Americans for Progress-Nebraska are lobbying for. This daylight-leaking gap may exist because the "pigs" used by TransCanada use software that whistleblowers claim is rigged to looser standards than required, allegedly in order to save TransCanada money in pipe replacement.
     This pipe is now buried on a homestead in Winona, Texas, which TransCanada had condemned through eminent domain proceedings. It paid $600 for the legal right to bury the pipe you see below in the backyards of Tina Osby, a 63 year old lifelong resident of Winona, her mother Annie Bircher, 85, and her aunt, Lily Holmes.
That's daylight you see along the weld of a pipe that TransCanada assures the public will safely contain a carcinogenic mix of tar sands oil and additive thinner/s at up to 1600 psi and up to 160 degrees. After being repeatedly questioned
by reporters about the toxic and corrosive nature of tar sands, TransCanada spokesman Terry Cunha said
“TransCanada is not an oil company, and they're not responsible for what goes through their pipes.”
TransCanada has repeatedly refused to identify specifically what additives will travel through its pipeline.

Very early, before dawn on Monday, December 3rd, Glen Collins, Matt Almonte, and Isabel Brooks climbed into a mile long segment of the Keystone XL pipeline and barricaded themselves inside. At sunrise, they were shocked to find light shining through a weld precisely where they were resting. Isabel was to be documenting the police response to Glen and Matt’s protest and had a camera with her. She had time to snap just two photos on her point-and-shoot camera, in extremely low-light before the other concerns that come with being barricaded in a multibillion dollar corporation’s pipeline consumed her interest. With the damning photos in tow, a group of blockaders, including Matt, recently paid visit to the family homestead where the protest occurred. Read more...

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