Saturday, February 25, 2012

KMTV's Liz Dorland totally busts Sen. Charlie Janssen as tool of secretive billionaire Koch Bros. organization to pass stealth bills in state legislatures

New Nebraska Network's post drew our attention to an excellent KMTV investigative report on Fremont Senator Charlie Janssen's ties to ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a secretive vehicle through which corporate lobbyists and GOP activists distribute legislation they want passed in state legislatures.
     From KMTV's report:
Sen. Janssen said, "You know what, the first time I've talked about ALEC in two years is when you inquired about it."
     "I'm not a member of ALEC.  I've never attended an ALEC function either here in Lincoln or they have national conventions," added the Fremont Senator.
     Dorland handed him a document that still lists the Senator on a big ALEC committee.
     Janssen admitted, "Yeah, on my first year here I, I signed up for ALEC and then let my dues lapse."
     Dorland asked him to explain why his bill is remarkably similar to ALEC's model bill and handed both his bill and the ALEC template to him.   "And so your bill is not similar to this? Have you seen that?"
     "No.  I do not look at any ALEC materials," stated Sen. Janssen.
     We did and the match is hard to ignore.

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