Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brad Stevens of Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska: fighting to raise gas prices in Nebraska and Midwest and to increase prosperity of billionaire Koch Brothers

Brad Stevens, right, being asked puffball questions
interviewed by Fox's Neil Cavuto
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UPDATE: Shockingly slipshod Keystone XL pipeline construction revealed by activist photo taken inside the pipeline.

Brad Stevens is the president of the Koch Brothers Astroturf organization, Americans for Prosperity — Nebraska. The 40,000-member (really?) organization he heads is now lobbying to transfer the tax burden from income to sales, thereby increasing taxes for 80% of Nebraskans and lowering them for the wealthiest 20% in the state. But Stevens is also working to transfer more money from Nebraskans into the pockets of wealthy people out of state.
Read TransCanada's smoking gun memo about how it plans to
exploit the Keystone XL pipeline to jack up Midwest gas prices
— contrary to cynical disinformation put out by Brad Stevens
and Americans for Prosperity — Nebraska.
     As president of AFP-Nebraska, Stevens is also cheerleader-in-chief for the effort to build the Keystone XL pipeline, an extension to the leaky Keystone One pipeline. Here's the effect that the Keystone XL pipeline will really have on Cornhusker drivers and others, as explained by Greg Palast:
      David and Charles Koch are each worth $20 billion (£12.7 billion), and they’re quite certain that’s not enough. And so they need the XL Keystone Pipeline.
      The XL Keystone will take Canadian tar-sands oil, the filthiest crude on the planet, and suck it down to Texas’ Gulf Coast refineries. Alberta’s oil-glop reserve, if it can get to the US market, will warm the planet by nearly 0.4°C all by itself.
      Why in the world would America pistol-whip Mother Nature to bring oil to Texas? I mean, it’s just plain weird to suck heavy tar oil out of Canada to drag it across the entire middle of the USA and import it into the oil-exporting Lone Star State.
      ...It would cost billions of dollars to rebuild the giant Flint Hills Corpus Christi Refinery, owned by Koch Industries, to use the less-polluting Texas oil drilled nearby.
      The Kochs need heavy crude. But the Brothers Koch have a problem. Heavy crude is controlled by a heavy dude – President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
      In case you haven’t heard, the US Department of Energy now says Venezuela, not Saudi Arabia, has the world’s largest petroleum reserve – including the overwhelming bulk of the planet’s heavy crude.
      And Chavez is not giving it away...
     So the Kochs have turned their gaze upward – to Canada, where Alberta oil men are selling their tar-sands gunk for a whopping $33 (£21) a barrel less than Chavez’s heavy... switching from Venezuela heavy to Canadian tar could put an extra $3 billion (£1.9 billion) a year into the pockets of the Kochs.
     However, there’s a problem. Between Canada and Houston is the United States. At the moment, there’s no pipeline that can take all that cheap crude south. The southbound pipeline network now chokes at Cushing, Oklahoma, which is already blocked with 47 million barrels of crude sitting in storage tanks with nowhere to go.

      So all the Kochs have to do is get the US government to agree to pop a pipe through Cushing to Houston: the Keystone XL...
     Let me repeat: Approving the Keystone XL Pipeline will raise the price of oil and gasoline.

     ...As matters stand, with nowhere to dump their tar goo, Canadians have to sell at a $33 (£21) a barrel discount to nearby refineries in the US Upper Midwest.
     American consumers are getting the benefit of this oil backup.
      ...The result of opening the spigot through the XL Keystone will mean that US Midwest retail heating oil prices will skyrocket and gasoline in the region, as the crude drains away to other refineries, will rise an estimated 15 cents a gallon.
     ...The gusher of cheap crude from a new pipeline will enrich the refiners – none more so than refiners named Koch.

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