Saturday, February 2, 2013

GOP Gov. Heineman's scheme to shift Nebraska taxes from income to sales will see 80% pay more to subsidize tax breaks for the richest 20%

Photo: Lincoln Journal-Star
Update: Rachel Maddow exposes this ruse in a video! (Other GOP governors are trying it too.)

Here, via a tweet from Ken at Progressive Oasis is a stark graph showing how GOP Gov. Dave Heineman's tax giveaway to Nebraska's wealthiest citizens will affect the 80% of us who will have to make up the taxes they will no longer pay.
     There are two versions of Heineman's plan; the chart below is for LB406.
     It was produced by the Open Sky Institute, a non-partisan Nebraska think tank dedicated to fiscal research and analysis. The organization has produced four charts, two each for LB405 and LB406, broken down into 5 and 7 segments, respectively. Click here to see all the graphs and the methodology.

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