Thursday, March 1, 2018

New ad spotlights can of worms represented by anti-
gay cakemaker case before Supreme Court case now before the Supreme Court

Virtually every time a homophobic judge is nominated for confirmation, @SenatorFischer and @BenSasse haul out their well-worn rubber stamps.
     Should Neil Gorsuch's vote be a deciding green light for gay wedding cake refusniks in the case now before the supreme court, a Pandora's box of similar bias in public accommodations could escape. From Lambda Legal:
Trump’s judicial nominees with anti-LGBT records include: Neil Gorsuch, Gregory Katsas, Kyle Duncan, Don Willett, John K. Bush, Amy Coney Barrett, Allison Eid, Stephanos Bibas, Joan Larsen, Steven Grasz, David Stas, Mark Norris, Jeff Mateer, Matthew Kacsmaryk, Stephen Schwartz, and Damien Schiff.

The first video below is not a pressure group ad concoction. It is based on an actual case in Mississippi.

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