Thursday, November 2, 2017

A second Omaha antiLGBT pastor gets busted in a sex scandal

Pastor Klint
Another of the 200+ Christian signatories (#120) to an expensive 2012 Omaha World-Herald ad opposing equal protection for Omaha LGBTs has been arrested in a sex scandal, for allegedly screwing a 15-year-old female sex trafficking victim. WOWT had this to say:
     Klint Bitter turned himself in at the Sarpy County Jail Tuesday. He's charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child. The 34-year-old allegedly answered an online ad posted by a sex trafficking suspect in Bellevue.
      Bitter was a pastor of kids and student ministry at Christ Community Church near 108th and Harney. Church officials said Bitter has been fired from that position.
Pastor Brad
     Mr. Bitter is now conjoined in infamy with Pastor Brad Hoefs, who was cited in May 1995 by Officer Not-THAT-Friendly, of the Omaha Police Dept., for exposing himself and masturbating, either in front of or next to two men by a parking lot at Lake Cunningham Park.
     Sadly this caused King of Kings (a West Omaha megachurch) to cut him loose him as pastor.
     However, he was cut considerably more slack by Community of Grace Lutheran Church in Elkhorn, which hired him and which is where he "pastors" now, despite having been cited AGAIN in 2002 in the same park for the same behavior, presumably by a different OPD undercover officer.
     (Dude! Look for cop shoes; undercover flatfoots often don't change them when they go homo-hunting for either entrapment or preserving the decorum of parks so that the little kids who frequent them at 3 a.m aren't traumatized by tableaus straight out of their dad's or uncles's or brother's gay porn.)
     After Grace declined to cashier Hoefs after Park Perv Pastor: The Sequel  he became a state-certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist (?) and was appointed by former Governor Heineman to serve on the State Advisory Committee on Mental Health Services.
     Here's what Brrrrradley had to say about the incident:
After experiencing a bipolar relapse in 2002 Brad knew it was time to start attending a support group since lack of knowledge about his disorder was at the core reason for his relapse.
     "Bipolar relapse" is one way of putting it. Bisexual relapse might be another, if bisexuality were a mental illness, WHICH IT IS NOT, OK? Also, why evoke Polar Bears, who have enough trouble, what with global warming and EPA dirtbag Scott Pruitt?
     Brrrradley has been married to his "high school sweetheart," Donna for 34 years. (AKSARBENT is not even going to ask what HER deal is, we'll just remind our long-suffering readers that her sporadically-devoted husband Hoefs was signatory 19 on the anti-LGBT-rights Heritage Coalition ad.)
     Bonus: Omaha's very own Death-to-Gays Pastor, Philip Kayser, also signed the ad (#183).

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