Monday, March 5, 2012

Death-to-gays preacher added to supporter roster of Heritage Coalition 'Proclamation' opposing Omaha LGBT ordinance

The proclamation, published Sunday 2/26/12 in the Omaha World-Herald, said "We condemn violence or hatred perpetrated against anyone based on their sexual preference."

That is no longer true.

TalkingPointsMemo graphic of quote from
page 24 of Kayser's paper Is the death penalty just?
When the born-yesterday "Heritage Coalition" added pastor Philip Kayser of the Dominion Covenant Church to its list of online signatories (oddly, his name and church did not appear in the newspaper advertisement) the organization's claim that its members condemn violence became a lie. Not only does the Dominion Covenant church refuse to condemn violence against LGBT citizens, it has been shown to embrace killing them.

Screen capture of Heritage Coalition's online list of signatories
to its Proclamation on Sexual Preference, made 3/3/12
Kayser has defended the death penalty for gay people:
Genesis 19 shows that the angels knew homosexuality (at least as it was flagrantly flaunted in Sodom) was worthy of death,” Kayser wrote in an article called “Is the Death Penalty Just?” He later claimed implementing such laws would dissuade other gay people from coming out of the closet and perverting society: “Only those who were prosecuted by citizens could be punished, and the punishment could take a number of forms, including death. This would have a tendency of driving homosexuals back into their closets.
Kayser recently endorsed Ron Paul, whose campaign called him "an eminent pastor" — and then quickly scrubbed his endorsement from Paul’s website. Below, MSNBC's Ed Schultz chronicles the sorry episode and calls Philip Kayser's homophobic theology "jaw dropping."

Warren Throckmorton says Kayser appears to be a Christian reconstructionist (see this post about their views) who believes that the penalties associated with Mosaic law should be implemented today.

Kayser's ongoing Sunday proselytizing at his UNO alumni center venue has been the target of repeated demonstrations organized by Progressive Oasis blogger Ken Riter, as seen below.

These three councilmembers voted against Omaha's LGBT protection ordinance in 2010:
Garry Gernandt — — District 4
Jean Stothert — — District 5
Tom Mulligan — — District 7

Councilman Thompson didn't vote on the issue in 2010.
Franklin Thompson — — District 6


  1. In his book he has a strange mix of radical libertarianism (see part way through the introduction) and radical adherence to Biblical law. I must say though, the book deals with three different views, and seems to argue against a mandated penalty for homosexuals more than it seems to argue for it.

  2. I noticed "Pastor" Mark Zehnder of King of Kings Church of Omaha and "Pastor" Mark Ashton of Christ Community Church of Omaha and "Pastor" Les Beauchamp of Lifegate Church of Omaha also signed the thing as well.

    as did a number of their staff or members.

    can we boycott their churches also? or get their tax-exempt status taken away for being involved in political activism.

    cause they are just as bad Kayser IMO and unlike Kayser hold more influence in the christian community in Omaha cause they pastor mega-churches.

  3. This is so funny, I can't even laugh. The only thing I can say is that every time someone calls for my death, or some lgbtq person is bullied or beaten, it just strengthens my resolve to be who I am and not give a damn. I don't care who hates me anymore, they can all shove it as far as I'm concerned. But even if they make it illegal to be gay, that's just a cue for me to start screwing like a dog.