Thursday, May 18, 2017

Women banned from Toby Keith's concert Saturday

It will be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, of 9/11 fame. The kingdom wants to impress Donald Trump, so Toby Keith will give a concert at which women will be barred because of the country's strict social segregation of men and women. The Hill tried to get Keith's rep to comment but no dice.
     Keith goes where the money is. From Newsweek in February:
He played an event for the Republican National Committee in July but stopped short of offering the party his support. "It was just a paid party for the sponsors, just a private party for 1,200 people," he told the Tribune. "When I start catching shit about it, I just say, 'Look, I'm not a registered Republican, and they paid me a butt-load of money to play this thing. And if the other side calls, I'll go play theirs for that much too.'"

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