Thursday, May 11, 2017

Don't Go Back Omaha 'committee' behind last minute anti-Mello attack ads? Aimee Melton and Gwen Aspen

Melton and Aspen, the girl gang of two, appeared on KFAB, recently. We listened to as much of Chris Baker's interview with them as we could, dear readers.
Baker: It is a truly transparent committee... A lot of times this is all hidden and we always have to hear about "Oh we gotta get donors lists to find out who these people are so we can go throw eggs at their house or something like that. These two fabulous women are out in front, saying this is who we are...
Gwen Aspen: Our committee is just trying to highlight all her (Stothert's) accomplishments in the last four years...
Aspen & Melton: Look, Omaha: Heath Mello killed Leo DiCaprio!
          Don't throw eggs at or TP Bauer's house, people. He also was the campaign manager of Retain a Just Nebraska, the group that fought Nebraska's death penalty.
     Chris Baker, a KFAB right-wing propagandist just clever enough to fool his audience, inverted what any sensible person would really want to know about Don't Go Back Omaha —its financial backers — by telling KFAB's gullible listeners that the transparency of hood ornaments makes the identity of the donors behind them unnecessary!
     We assume the paymasters, if they are revealed at all, will be disclosed well after last Tuesday's vote.

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     Want to have some fun readers? Guess how long the above YouTube video, with the home address of Melton-Aspen's fund raiser, but not either of theirs, will last on YouTube after this post.
     The DC political consulting firm which made and placed the ad, according to KETV's invoice, was Sandler-Innocenzi Advertising, 705 Prince St, Alexandria, VA 22314, which brags on its website about making ads for former Governor Dave Heineman.
    Invoices! AKSARBENT has the invoices!

P.S.: Maybe Melton and Aspen aren't as transparent as you claim, KFAB! Here's what you see if you click on the "Non-Profit Organization" link of Don't Go Back Omaha's facebook page:

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