Tuesday, March 28, 2017

KETV's invoices show how much it made from false ads touting TrumpCare

We wondered how much KETV and its parent, Hearst, has banked from all those American Action Network Superpac ads propping up Rep. Don Bacon's attack on ObamaCare, so we tried to decipher the various contracts and seemingly overlapping (to us) invoices dumped by KETV into the FCC's political ad disclosure folders.
    They were about as indecipherable as a hospital bill, but we'd guess KETV alone (heaven only knows how much WOWT and KMTV are making from this) has made $20-30,000 since January airing American Action Network ads praising Trump/RyanCare. Here's one contract we found (click to enlarge):

Below is the worst of the ads, showing just how loose KETV's truth-in-advertising standards are. The spot is filled with obvious lies and half-truths. This is broadcasting in the public interest, for which the FCC issues licenses to TV stations?
     The nicest thing you can say about KETV's greedy behavior in this matter is that the ads it ran for fly-by-night Omaha real estate seminars that followed the fraudulent business model of Trump University (bait, switch, upsell) may have been even worse.

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