Friday, February 24, 2017

Stunning new Panasonic GH5 video released

The GH2 became a cult camera because it was hacked and because it delivered video better than Canon and Nikon DSLRs costing three to five times as much. Now the Lumix GH5 is out, with broadcast quality 4k recorded to an internal card at 4:2:2. No $1000 external HDMI recorder needed. Why pay more? We're utterly enthralled by the direction Panasonic has taken in its newest cameras. For stills, we still reach for the Nikon, but when we want superb video, it's the Panasonic every time. And with 5-axis internal stabilization of the sensor, you probably won't need a Steadicam. If this sounds like an ad, we don't care. Panasonic doesn't need to pay us (and didn't) to drool over stuff this good.

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