Thursday, February 23, 2017

KETV, World-Herald burn Don Bacon over broken campaign promises to hold town halls

Many GOP lawmakers have stopped holding town halls altogether or are opting for pre-screened substitutes that shield them from angry constituents. In a recent editorial, the Omaha World-Herald bluntly opined, "Let the rabble rouse. There’s a chance proceedings will be disrupted."
     The paper didn't stop there; in a piece by Matthew Hansen, it explained how Don Bacon is stiff-arming unhappy voters:
     “So I commit that once elected that I will be doing town halls in every part of this district ... north Omaha, South Omaha, the west, Valley, Waterloo, Gretna, Papillion, you name it. We’re going to be accessible and available. You shouldn’t be just in your office.”
     Asked to explain that seeming contradiction on Tuesday, Bacon said he is doing in-person sessions at companies and civic groups around Omaha, as well as telephone Q&As. He defines these as town halls, and thus contends that he is living up to his promise to host town halls across the Omaha metro area, though he conceded that they wouldn’t be “total open invite.”

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