Sunday, January 1, 2017

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's first broken promise of 2017

Less than a month ago, Stothert loudly proclaimed that she was appointing an LGBT "Advisory Board" whose members would be finalized by the end of the year and would issue an executive order regarding LGBTs. (Which would be what? Move across the river to Council Bluffs, IA where LGBTs have housing rights?
     Because Stothert voted against Omaha's ordinance mandating equal employment opportunity for LGBTs in employment (but not housing) and supports antigay Gov. Ricketts as well as antigay Attorney General Doug Peterson and has towed the Nebraska GOP's party line of blocking every legitimate attempt by LGBTs to attain fair treatment in housing, employment and marriage, some people say the LGBT "Advisory Board" is just a reelection year ploy.
     Anyway, it's 2017. So who are the LGBT "Advisory Board" members and what's in the executive order, Jean?

Anti-gay Omaha mayor, a BS genius, claims SCOTUS marriage ruling "allows" city to offer health benefits to gay couples
Covergirl Jean Stothert
Now that the Supreme Court has forced her to, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert will finally "sign an executive order Tuesday that will provide health benefits to the same-sex spouses of eligible full-time employees of the city," reports KETV.
     Stothert, who is a disinformation genius, said:
The Supreme Court decision allows the city to offer these benefits to all employees and their same-sex spouses without negotiating. I believe it is important to act quickly and appropriately following the Supreme Court decision.
     Translation: If I stall any longer, the city will be sued by married gay couples, so it's important to act quickly, now that my little con is up.
     The World-Herald put it this way:
     The City of Omaha will offer health insurance benefits to all married same-sex spouses of city employees after being one of the last local holdouts on the issue.
     Mayor Jean Stothert previously argued that city employees should bring up the issue during contract negotiations if they wanted such benefits.
     Translation: Even though my administration could have done this unilaterally, like La Vista, Bellevue, Douglas County, Sarpy County, OPS, Creighton, University of Nebraska, the VA Medical Center, Methodist Health System and Alegent/Creighton/CHI, and even though Blue Cross Blue Shield changed its definition of spouse to include same-sex couples last year after the DOMA/Windsor decision, it was more fun to me to ransom benefits for gay employees in exchange for other concessions in labor negotiations because that's how homophobic, divide-and-conquer GOP politicians roll!

Below: Mayor Stothert when she was a City Council member, opposing a gay rights ordinance in Omaha shortly before being outvoted.
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