Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weather Channel terminates, with extreme prejudice and snark, Breitbart's anti-Global Warming agitprop

Hot weather girl atmospheric scientist Kait Parker torched the fake news site, now run by alt-right generalissimo and professional reactionary provocateur Steve Bannon, who is now Donald Trump's "chief strategist and a senior advisor."
     Bannon's Breitbart piece borrowed heavily from an article Britain's second-largest tabloid, The Daily Mail, a fine exemplar of either peerless journalism or breathtaking plagiarism, depending on your point of view.
     As she demolished the three pillars of Breitbart's argument, a dishonest and unscientific attempt to throw cold water on the Global Warming phenomenon, Parker noted: "Science doesn't care about your opinion."
     Would that Trump lemmings shared that indifference...

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