Thursday, December 1, 2016

HuffPo: Trump pick Todd Ricketts has "a thin resume and a fat wallet"

Donald Trump's never-ending river of bullshit nearly overflowed its banks with his statement about picking the scion of billionaire TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts as his #2 pick at Commerce. The Ricketts family, you will recall, is the one Trump savaged in a tweet, warning them to heel as they "have a lot to hide." Here's what Trump released:
“Todd Ricketts is an immensely successful businessman with unparalleled knowledge of the finance industry." Also: Ricketts has “years of hands-on experience in the finance industry,” and “like President-elect Trump, Mr. Ricketts will use this knowledge to fix the broken Washington D.C. system.”
The Huffington Post looked into this specious praise:
According to his professional biography, Ricketts spent his “career as an entrepreneur and investor in the securities industry working at the New York City-based NASDAQ start-up, Knight Securities.” 
     But Ricketts only worked there for 14 months, a spokeswoman for the company told The Huffington Post, from September 1997 to November 1998. And as for Ricketts’ career as “an immensely successful businessman,” it appears to consist of a defunct eco-tourism venture and a local bike shop that Ricketts bought a few years ago to save it from going out of business.

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