Sunday, December 11, 2016

BOOM! Alien attack on conservative W. Omaha begins

In the wee hours of the morning a large boom (or two!) was heard all over West Omaha, according to twitter (well, @MeanStreetsOMA, anyway. Click on the graphic below to embiggen for reading.).
     The startling noise was heard on Giles from 96th to 164th, L from 98th to 120th, Harrison from 108th to 180th, Q from 132nd to 156th, as well as on 80th & Blondo, 132nd & Center  and 90th & Dodge.
     Until Mallory Maddox tells us otherwise, we are assuming a retaliatory strike by an outraged universe on that part of Omaha most responsible for electing Donald Trump.
     AKSARBENT invites all readers who are either spoken to by God or in regular contact with space aliens to contact us for an explanation. You must, however, reach a consensus before bothering us. That is all.

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