Friday, May 13, 2016

Transman to ADF: You weren't so concerned with privacy rights when you defended sodomy laws

Hari Sreenivasan, on PBS's News Hour, refereed Jeremy Tedesco of the Alliance Defending Freedom and transman Alex Myers of Phillips Exeter Academy, who said this to the spox of the right wing pressure group which has recently become terribly worried about the sanctity of "privacy" in public, open bathroom, shower and changing facilities:
      In terms of privacy rights, I think you might be looking at modifying particularly locker room facilities to allow every student, cisgender and transgender, for more privacy. And I think that what you will find largely is that transgender want to go into restrooms, want to go into locker rooms, they want to use those facilities, they want to use discreetly, and they value their own privacy.
      And they are not likely to intrude on others. I would also add that I find I rather ironic that, at this point in time, the conservative movement is mentioning privacy as a right, when, for so many years, they enacted and enforced sodomy laws, which had no respect for people’s privacy.

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