Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This ad for bottled water from Michigan isn't a parody

The first ad, made by McCann Erickson, predated the Flint crisis, and wasn't a satire, even if it is now. It was, however, kinda cheesy. It's still online, amazingly. As for the product, we clicked around on and couldn't find any trace (har, har) of bottled water from Michigan. Must not be selling...

Neither is this one, the mother of all those Pure Michigan ads, which ends with the words:
Come realize water's true potential. Dive in — to the waters of Pure Michigan.
 (Perhaps it's time to take this one discreetly off YouTube...)

These two ads, from the Not So Pure Michigan series, are, of course, satires. Flint's is rather lame; we're partial to the one about Saugatuck. Too bad the creator isn't as good at scriptwriting as he is as videography and editing.

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