Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Nebraska Family Alliance calls this law 'common sense'

160 companies have called for HB2's repeal. 20 conventions have already been cancelled in North Carolina because of it. Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Cirque de Soleil, The Blue Man Group and others will no longer perform in North Carolina. The biggest furniture trade show in the state called out the law. The owners of "West Side Story" will no longer allow that musical to be performed in North Carolina. And that's just the beginning.
     Yet the Nebraska Family Alliance thinks the law is "common sense" because it will keep men out of women's restrooms. Or so they say. Watch this video and see if you agree. Is such an extremist organization one that you want influencing public policy? (The Nebraska Family Association has shown that it is even willing to try to peddle junk science like the Regnerus Study to the Unicameral via Dave Bydalek, a former employee of the Nebraska Family Alliance hand-picked by Attorney General Don Peterson for a position in his office.)

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