Thursday, May 19, 2016

NE AG: equal bathroom access for the transgendered would "retraumatize" sex assault victims

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has freely and frequently tapped public money to advance his antigay agenda, filing legal action after legal action from Nebraska and in conjunction with other attorneys-general.
     His latest action was a letter sent Tuesday to federal officials vowing that his office "will do everything in its power to resist" Obama's guidelines to protect transgendered students.
     Some excerpts:
     ...Your May 13, 2016, joint guidance letter regarding transgender students, will likely create a more threatening environment to students who are prior victims of sexual exploitation...
     ...The proposed guidance puts prior sexual exploitation victims at risk for retraumatization. According to reports promulgated to the U.S. Department of Justice, one in four females under the age of 18, and one out of six males, will be sexually assaulted. Approximately 23% of those sexual assaults will be inflicted by a person under the age of 18. Sadly, the victimized child will not report the majority of these incidents to authorities. The Departments' [sic] guidance, which seeks to require schools to allow students in restrooms, locker rooms, or showers designated for members of the opposite sex, may exacerbate the traumatization of these young victims. This is not to suggest that transgender students are more likely to commit assaults...
     Nebraska's GOP governor, Pete Ricketts, piled on, urging local school boards and the state's Department of Education to reject the Obama administration's guidelines. He added that, "as a parent" he would worry if his children were using a restroom with a student of the "opposite sex."

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