Monday, March 7, 2016

This Wapo piece confirms everything you suspected about Apple CEO's fierce stand on privacy

Tim Cook (left) and Steve Jobs
If you grew up gay in a tiny Alabama town in the 60s, you know how valuable privacy can be. It's a lesson Tim Cook, the only openly gay CEO in the Fortune 500, has never forgotten.
     Cook — with a quick smile and the bushy hairdo popular at the time — was well-liked by his classmates.
     “He just seemed like a happy guy,” Huntsman said.
     “He probably considered himself to be a bit nerdy, but he didn’t come off that way,” recalled Harold Richardson, another former classmate.
     And the topic of whether Cook — or any other student — was gay wasn’t even on the radar.
     “In the ’70s, in high school, no one thought about that, especially in Alabama,” Richardson said.
     It was like it wasn’t even possible.
     Growing up gay in small-town Alabama a generation ago meant knowing the value of privacy, recalled Paul Hard, 57, who was raised in tiny Demopolis, Ala. He doesn’t know Cook, but imagines what he went through, because he went through it himself.
     “You kept your cards close to your chest,” he said.

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