Monday, March 21, 2016

Bait and switch: The National Safety Council wants to know if you've had surgery

Last year a friend got a ticket for one of the most trivial traffic offenses for which one can be cited. He decided to take the Nebraska Safety Council safe driving course (distributed by the national Council) to have the ticket waived. (The course cost more than the ticket would have. Such a nice racket revenue stream.)
     While taking the test, he discovered that the Safety Council's lust for intrusive information easily matched that of the Nebraska State Patrol, which (after issuing the ticket) wanted to know where he was going. (He hadn't been cited for speeding so it probably wasn't a fire.)
     To complete the test (and thus the course) friend had to disclose part of his medical history to the Safety Council, a dubious requirement not disclosed before he paid for the test. But at least he gained some priceless Safety Council advice: You shouldn't want the operating physician during your surgery to be reading the paper during the procedure, OK?

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