Friday, March 11, 2016

As jaws dropped at MO Senate shennanigans, the state's House quietly jumped the curb its own self

This week Missouri Senate Republicans were busy passing a law exempting religious bigots (on account of their religious bigotry) from treating LGBTs equitably in public accommodations. The ruse is that the freedom of pastors to refuse to marry gay couples is under seige. It isn't; rabbis, for example, have never been forced to marry gentiles, just as homophobic religions don't have to consecrate gay marriages. The MO GOP had to break the longest, continuous filibuster in that state's history even though it involved some chicanery. Then — get this — the MO Senate GOP attempted to edit out some of its own maneuvering in the chamber's journal, prompting another Dem fillibuster which lasted at least 6 hours.
     Relatively unnoticed next to the GOP Senate dumpster fire, the lower house in Missouri (also GOP-dominated) hopped the curb too — several times. Rachel Maddow explains:

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