Friday, June 12, 2015

Shocker: Outsports "outs" American Pharoah, but hides photo of boyfriend that AKSARBENT found

Busted: American Pharoah, left, with "buddy" Smokey
exposed by photographer Adam Coglianese
Jim Buzinski, that sad, tabloid wannabe at Outsports, claimed that American Pharoah "exclusively" came out to him, but we're here to inform you that Buzinski failed to go the extra quarter mile in tracking down the three-year-old colt's six-year-old boyfriend, who, we found out, hides behind the alias "Smokey."
     AKSARBENT has relentlessly tracked down what the racing world —  and Outsports — are so desperately trying to hide.
     To do it, we had to glance below the fold on the front page of Wednesday's Omaha World-Herald, but no sacrifice is too great for our readers.
     We immediately saw through the laughable headline: Meet American Pharoah's Horsey BFF.
     Do those two look like "friends" to you?
     Buzinsky and Outsports may have been thrown off the track but AKSARBENT didn't come down with yesterday's rain. Or Monday's. Or Sunday's. Or Saturday's. Or Friday's. (What the hell is happening with this climate change shit, anyway?)
     "Smokey's" actual, for-real name is The Whiz Shines. He's a gelding quarter horse purchased for $41,000 from the Dan Twombly ranch in Byard, Nebraska
     Now here are some lines from the World-Herald you can read between:
     The horses became pals, and it was unusual to see a stable photo of Pharoah without Smokey nearby.
     “That horse (Smokey) was very friendly,’’ Twombly said...
     When Pharoah headed to the racetrack for a workout, Smokey was alongside.
     When Pharoah was placed in a van or aboard a custom-made Boeing 727 dubbed “Air Horse One” to travel between racetracks, so was Smokey.

     In short, the two were inseparable.
     “I don’t think there’s any question that Smokey made Pharoah feel more comfortable,’’ Twombly said. “There’s a connection between horses, and those two made one.’’
     ...“When you saw one horse, you’d see the other,’’ [Twombly] said.
Below: Outsports packages a coverup as an outing. Shameful, just shameful.

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