Saturday, June 13, 2015

Video: Autograph day at CWS 2015; LSU, TCU, Arkansas, Cal State Fullerton, Virginia, Florida,
Miami & Vanderbilt

AKSARBENT's 2015 College World Series video is of Autograph Day (the first day) where we photographed every member of every team who attended the ball signing sessions.
     If you know someone in the series this year, he's almost certainly in one of the first two videos below.
    Our footage was much better than usual (don't ask), except for the occasional shakiness of the cameraman and the rare focus hunting of one of the two cameras.
     By "better" we mean the players were amazingly lit.
     The reason for that probably is the photographic astuteness of CWS facilitators who set up the tables in a covered concourse, high above but open to the field, thereby softening ballcap visor shadows caused by overhead interior lights via natural daylight from outside and below the players, augmented by white tables reflecting light up.
     You don't see many pictures of faces under the bills of caps lit this evenly.
     (TCU was videoed outside the stadium preparing for its team photo, but even there the heavily overcast sky helped diffuse shadows.)
     The third video is a spin around the CWS venue that we made a couple years ago.

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