Thursday, May 28, 2015

Broadway/sitcom star Andrew Rannells recounts growing up gay in Omaha

AKSARBENT has done several posts about Rannells (here, here and here), but the best one was about him holding up a WOWT6 mug on Seth Meyers while discussing a scene in which he received  gave a hand job from> to another (male) actor (also from Omaha—Yay!)  in a scene from Girls. Although local TV loves to regurgitate network shoutouts, WOWT was strangely silent about this. Mute, even.

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  1. When Andrew was yet 'undiscovered' but obviously a profound talent, I saw him at the Chanticleer in Council Bluffs. His singing gave me goosebumps. It was a production of the Fantasticks.

    Andrew might be my one time of recognizing profound talent before wide media does. Andrew might barely remember playing at the Chanticleer, I really remember it, he was awesome.