Friday, January 16, 2015

Andrew Rannells holds up WOWT mug while telling Seth Meyers about giving hand job to another actor from Omaha

OK, AKSARBENT can shut down now because we're never going to have titillating celebrity post fodder with killer local interest as good as Andrew Rannells trolling Channel 6 (and, indirectly, the World-Herald) while describing filming a sexual act for an all-male Girls scene.
     Usually, affiliates love to tout network shout-outs, but we watched the happy-chat portions of WOWT newscasts the day after and saw NOT. ONE. WORD. about this on Channel Six's air. Funny, that.

Andrew Rannells: It's this very nice young actor who's new to the city, gets this gig, finds out that I get to give him a hand job, so he was a little like — he was very nice... we were sort of awkwardly standing there, and he goes, "I'm from Omaha, Nebraska, too! Do you think the Omaha paper would write about this? "Local Boys Share Handjob" I was like, "I guess. We could try!"
Seth Meyers: "I'm guessing that [for] 80% of Omaha [this] is their worst nightmare.

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